Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Couldn't stand it any more

Couldn't stand not piecing blocks.  They were already pieced and waiting to be sewn together. Well all I'm doing is piecing the blocks together to form the top.

Maverick stars or wonky wishes what ever you want to call the block along side a 9 patch. 

All scraps. Some from my Mom, thrift store shopping, and friends who sent me boxes of their scraps. They are colorful and using up every inch of the piles I have in my sewing room. 

I have this laying on the top of a queen sized bed. Borders will be used. Need to make a spread size for an extra long twin bed. Maybe a piano key final border will be in order. I'm going to run the vac and try and get some cleaning done then piece the rows together I have  on the bed. Measure and see what I have for borders and try to get this top done. If I need a couple more rows I have 9-patches made just need to make more star blocks. 

All these blocks were made over the last few months and just laying there to be assembled into a top. The scrapiness of all the pieces is the key to the splash of color this makes. I have tubs of more 2.5 inch square cut ready to make more 9-patches. I do this when I'm upset or bored. It is my therapy. 

Going for breakfast and trying to decide if I'm going to cut my hair. It is to my shoulders and I'm getting tired of it.  Have to ponder that decision for awhile. Chris

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Julierose said...

Chris this is a gorgeous quilt--loving those stars twinkling out;you did a grand job of it! I am glad you decided to sew them together--for me, short hair is the way to go these days...hugs, Julierose