Sunday, September 7, 2014

Food for thought

I got to work on the quilting of the HST's and then it came to me I needed to prep our supper before I could put it on the grill. I made BBQ'd chicken. I parboil the chicken so it is cooked through and then I glaze it on the grill. While I was quilting I also was thinking about all the other things I did today.

Do you realize how much time is used up in doing laundry, filling salt shakers, cleaning toilets, doing dishes and parboiling chicken. I took the garbage I collected around the house plus all the trash from the flooring we did in the last couple days.  We have dumpsters in our community and you have to take it to them. All the while I could have been sewing.

I did take a nap, but I need to stop that practice on some days. It takes time also. Sometimes I think we sleep our lives away. I'm sure it will be an early morning tomorrow. I know I will not lay there as long as I did today.

The quilting is getting closer to being done. We will see if I can get in there and get it finished tonight or in the morning for sure. Then basting threads need to come out and trimmed. Then the binding. I wish I thought I could do a decent job on the machine, but I know I would prefer it be done by hand.

Now the supper dishes need doing. Time is slipping away. Chris

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