Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More of these

Well slept in a little this morning. It was 5 am not 3 am. Yesterday I got a few blocks made. Not many, but it helped with the outcome to get a few here and there. Autumn was here and we played with her. 

More wonky stars and more 4-patch blocks were constructed. Still not anywhere near enough, but we all have to start some place. 

Today I got 7 pints of beans cleaned and in the caner already and it is 6:42 am already. Have to leave the house by 8 am to pick up my Mother. As she has aged her eyelids have sagged. So it is hindering her vision. So today it gets fixed. It only takes about 25 minutes to complete the surgery. 

We have plenty more to do outside in the next few day. But they are talking about more rain this afternoon. We have another row of beans to harvest and then the garden will be done. So this afternoon I will be canning beans.  Hopefully a little sewing besides. Chris  

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