Thursday, September 11, 2014

For the Nay sayers in the group

I thought I would share with you what happened in my washer this morning. I placed the finished quilt in the washer for the final round of handling. I added normal detergent and also cold water to the washer. I threw in a Shout Color Catcher and here is the results of washing the quilt. All of the fabric had been washed and dried before cutting and sewing. This proves no matter what you do it bleeds.

This was a Moda fabric that was used for the border and the backing was a Thimbleberries fabric. They were quality bought at a LQS. I use Purex laundry detergent that has no bleaching agents in the mix. 

I do think this will bleed the entire life of the quilt. I don't think it was faulty it is just the nature of Cotton fabrics. Not washing is the options of many and then they complain about bleeding, but it happens if you wash also. I do not believe in the chemicals that you can buy to wash and set the dye because of allergies I have and many members of my family do also. If that works for you and you can tolerate the chemicals go for it.

My choice is to prewash and then use the color catchers afterwards with each wash. The quilt is in the dryer at the moment and will be coming out with in the hours. Anxious to place on the back of the couch because that is where it is going to be used.

The weather has taken a true turn towards Fall weather today. It is 48F degrees  outside right now.No more growing season will happen if it stays this way. The birds are starting to flock and the webs are a forming on the corners of buildings. Definite Fall weather. 

Baby watch has started.  She went to the Dr. yesterday and she will be born yet this September. Mom has Diabetes from being pregnant and they will induce her before the end of the month if she hasn't come before that time. So about 18 days or less we will have a new baby to play with. Can't hardly wait. Going in to pin a baby quilt together to get it quilted. Will post pictures after the quilt comes out of the dryer. Chris 

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