Saturday, September 6, 2014

Strange but Beautiful Day

Got up early did sewing and then we decided to tear out the bathroom. The Master bath had carpet. Not something I liked. So the carpet came out and he is installing the flooring in the Master bath.

We have a garden tub with a curved front on it. It takes forever to cut the curve in the rigid  tile. At least fabric is more forgiving. He is taking his time and it is turning out well. After the curve in the tub it is a breeze. All straight cuts after that.

I have cleaned up carpet trimmings and also cleaned flooring underneath all this mess. Had to run to the hardware store for a wax ring for the toilet. I did look for paint colors for a bedroom and the living room.  We need to paint before we close the house up for the Winter. I think painting is a good form of Fall housecleaning.

Going to go make a meatloaf for supper and baked potatoes. Have a good evening Chris  

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