Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spent more money on the house today

I would like to spend some money on my quilting supplies, but Winter is coming and we need two new storm doors. We went and ordered two today and they should be delivered on Friday sometime.

When you own a house upgrades and repairs are needed all the time. We bought a sturdier door than what we had and a Larson Screen-away door. The screen comes down from the top and it rolls up when the glass is pulled up. We put one on my Mom's house several years ago and she loves it.

The $400 I would have liked to put towards fabric and supplies, but I don't like paying high utility bills in the Winter so I guess the doors will pay off later so I can buy more supplies later. Not really fair, but what is a person to do when you live on a very tight budget. Chris    No baby signs yet

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