Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Doing but slow

See the purple markings. This is the border design I chose to stitch along the edge. I have two sides to finish an then decide what the rest of the border will be.

The center of the quilt or all the blocks are quilted and deco stitched. The last few days my left shoulder has bothered me and I'm sure it is from moving the quilt top around to quilt it on my domestic machine. Could be I'm sleeping on it wrong also. 

Over the last few days well since Friday we have installed two new storm doors. The original ones were wore out and falling apart. These make such a difference in how quiet it is in here. I'm sure it will make it warmer this Winter. 

Woke up to this image this morning. The yellow on the grass is pine needles falling from the trees overnight. Every year we have such a mess from these trees. If left it can kill off all the grass. So our Fall clean up is starting. We have cleaned up flower beds from plants, but now the trees are all dropping all of the abundance of leaves and needles that they grew over the Spring/Summer months.  Last 80 degree day was yesterday supposedly. Time to wash the quilts and start getting them out to use for the cooler weather ahead. Chris

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