Thursday, February 19, 2015

30 or 45 minutes here and there

I have been so busy and so tired all at the same time. This morning is going to be a stressful one for me. I have to take Mom to another appointment. So I was up early and decided I needed to have some me time. I went in and did some string piecing. I need so many more of these and a few minutes here and there will get it closer to the number I need. 

Here is a stack of 6 that need trimming. I just keep at it and maybe some day there will be enough. I was stitching along and making such headway and I realized after stitching on five different strips I had no bobbin. I had another one wound so I got back on track. I know the rest of you have done that too. Frustrating!

It is so cold out today I don't even want to go out, but have to. I hope Spring surprises us and gets here soon. 

Carving out me time isn't easy these days. Hopefully it will be a quick trip today because I need to do so many more things before this day is over. If there isn't time it will wait. 

I do need to do some laundry. Amazing how that piles up around here. Well I hope you have a nice day. Stay warm because wind chills here are -25 degrees right now. Chris

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