Saturday, February 28, 2015

I hate my walking foot

To qualify this it is generic and an attachment. My machine didn't come with one. So I got online to Nancy's Notions and ordered one. It clamps on just fine, but the fabric is pushed ahead of it.

So I think I am taking nit off and using my 1/4 inch floor to make my 1/4 inch outline stitching. I think I would have a better line of stitching and not all the bunching. The pressure on the pressor foot is reduced also.

In the pressure of the line of stitching it was breaking threads which I never have any trouble with that. Must not be my day to be creative. I will go back to it later.

The sun is out so what more can I ask for? Well lets see a new machine, new car, new wardrobe........LOL. Chris

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