Monday, February 23, 2015

5 hours in sewing room yesterday

This is my Little Darlin. We haven't seen much of them this Winter between them being sick and us too. She will 5 months old soon. She is scooting herself around some by rolling and using her arms to get somewhere. Nothing keeping her back at this point. 

Can you see the two little teeth on the bottom. She is happy most of the time. Teeth are bothering her some, She doesn't miss what her older sister is doing. 

I said I spent about 5 hours in the sewing room yesterday. I finally had to cut some different colors to make more combinations of the string blocks. I think I made almost 36 squares yesterday. I started to make them into 4-patches and ran out of bobbins that were wound. Need to stop and do that today. 

It is -9 degrees air temp today. so don't think I will be out much. Stay warm Chris   

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