Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day dreaming

While sitting today and trying to distracting my mind of it wandered. I'm knitting a cowl still using up yarn I had on hand.

Day dreaming of nicer weather and getting things in better shape. We have a lot of yard work and transplanting to get done as soon as the weather and ground temps get warmer. We ordered some bare root plants to come in late March that we need to figure out where they will go.

Also this year is the year for the house roof. So there will be major clean up after that. The garage is smaller and it lasted for about four days. I figure it will be a 5-6 day job for the house  if we have good weather.

I'm not gardening vegetables this year other than tomatoes and green peppers. We have a small spot for them and it will stay more contained with just a couple plants of each. Mostly for eating and not canning. I have vegetable gardened for 34 years and I'm tired of all the work.

If I quit gardening I will have more time to sew. RIGHT! Probably not. I figure this Summer will be busy for me.

Day dreaming lets you escape reality for awhile. Then the door closes and everyday life is facing you. Chris

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