Thursday, February 5, 2015


This is a different look than the 4-patches in the previous post. I started these awhile back and got away from them because I needed to cut the larger triangles.

These are 4-patches I cut from scraps I bought from a thrift store. They were in different sizes and I trimmed until I got a usable size for my needs. These are 2 inch squares for the 4-patch part. Need to make a ton more to get a top made. May start with this already in progress project and work until I need to cut more. 

Never enough 4-patches or 9-patches in my book. If you break down quilt block you can find elements that are simple to have on hand. I always say how many different ways can you use triangles, squares and rectangles? Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. It amazes me all the different combinations you can make then the color changes you can come up with no to will be alike. Chris 

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