Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty out, but cold

Haven't been back out since last night. We stayed inside with all the winds. All schools are called off in several counties around us. Something like 160 schools closed. Many factories and businesses are closed also.

We have to go out and do more clean up. We have drifts from the wind last night. Also lots of tree limbs down. Neighbor can't get out of her garage because of the limbs.

Talking about more snow tonight. Not sure if they are talking about a lot more or just a small amount. Just didn't want to hear it so I tuned it out.

It is pretty looking at the trees and the clean snow, but hey it is to much all at one time for me. Even as a kid I wasn't as happy with snow as other kids were. I guess I'm not a cold weather person. The bad thing is I live where it gets really cold and really hot and humid.

If you live within the path of this storm stay safe. Chris

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