Sunday, February 1, 2015

Suppose to be the worst storm this Winter

This was before 5am. I turned on the outside light to see what was going on. This was just a small amount of the snow we got.

5:15 am we lost electricity. This was after the daylight showed up. We at least had the gas fire log to stay warm with. So glad we put this in the last December. It has a manual light on it so we were comfortable.  

This is my front tree with snow on it. It blows off and more sticks to it. We have 40 mph gusts of wind. Blizzard conditions in the next county and ours. In other areas they have pulled the plows and tow trucks. There is an Ambulance in a ditch and they can't get out to pull it out. they didn't even get to the call before they went in the ditch. 

This it the Pine trees outside my bedroom window. The branches have been trimmed up almost 14 feet off the ground on the trunk. This is hanging so low it is about 2 feet off the ground now. About 8 other ones have cracked and broken off laying on the ground. Neighbor on the other side has pine limbs in front of her garage door and she can't even get out of her garage.

We have cleaned the drive and the decks three times and this is the last time until in the morning. We also have snow for the next 3 days in the weather reports. We were suppose to go to our Dr. tomorrow and it is 24 miles away with open fields all around. I don't think we will make it. We have changed this appointment 5 times now. Just an annual check up.

Well this one is for the History books. As the hours went by the amount of the weather reports increase. They didn't get the advertised amount right at all. Almost 10 inches more than what they predicted. When will they learn Mother Nature can fool you. Chris

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