Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Plans we will see if it happens

Here are my plans. This has been folded and done to this point for quite a while. I have some fabric I think will be large enough for the back. Need to seam it up and get it pressed. so maybe 
I can pin baste this top. I need to get some of theses done. 

I'm waiting on my neighbor to come and then I think I will run the vac in the kitchen. Lots of crumbs laying there. With me on the road to my Mother's so much lately my housework has take a backseat. I really need to take a week and clean, but I get bored doing that. 

I think the girls are coming to spend the night on Friday night. Mom's birthday is coming up and Dad is throwing a surprise party for her.

Neighbor came and I didn't hear her. She left what she was bringing. I guess I need a doorbell. One more thing to get on my to do list. 

Well nothing like the present. going for the vac and see how far I get. Plans are always subject to change. Chris

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