Thursday, February 26, 2015

Busy day yesterday

No sewing, not happy, but I got my Mother out of the house and we went to the grocery. She hadn't been anywhere other than the pharmacy and Dr's appointments since the 19th of Feb.

She walked through part of Walmart and got some groceries she needed. I had gone earlier and got mine and brought them all home.

Then yesterday after I got back it started to snow. We got about 5 inches and it is still snowing some. Winds are to pick up and drifting today. Bitter cold tonight.

Today is the day we find out the results of the last tests my Mother had. She isn't looking forward to these results. This is to determine if she has cancer anywhere else in her body. No mater what she has decided at her age to not have any treatments. She will be 87 years old April 1st.

Good news she is back to sewing and quilting and reading up a storm. She does her own laundry and fixes her own meals so living a productive life for her age.

Need to go out and clean up the drive again. Stay warm Chris

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