Saturday, February 7, 2015

I wish I had a little OCD

Can you believe you want to be OCD? Well I would be a little better organized then. When we changed bedrooms about 3 weeks ago this was the overflow from the extra bedroom. Yes it is mostly sewing stuff I had laying on the extra bed. I laid
 it in the doorway of the sewing room with intentions of getting to it the next day. Well life go in the way. My Mother's surgery both of us getting sick and also my son and his issues. Well good news Mom is back to sewing and feeling better. Not that she doesn't have a few days that are just so-so. The vanity bench needs to be cleaned off and put with the vanity. I think I'm going to change the cover on it though.

Yes I'm not organized. I use to know where things were and always need to know what the schedule is, but since I don't work anymore In don't even remember the day of the week let alone stay organized. Today I plan on leaving the house for a couple hours and return to get started. A good hour of sifting through this will help. Many things are
where they should be, but extra batting is piling up a lot of it. I need to wind bobbins and get somethings finished up.

Yesterday I went shopping at the local big box store and found a perfect piece of fabric for a background, sashing or backing for my tastes. I need to get it edge stitched and in the washer.  Then I can't say I'm not prepared on that front.

Excuses are my by-line lately. I have wanted to get an online store started for about 3 plus years. I have the materials and yet I don't get it done. I will set goals and let them slip by the way side.  As I get older the urge to complete things is leaving me. When my son was young I made lots of money sewing and making things to sell. I guess the urge to have things for my son was the utmost important thing for me. Now I have grandkids and I think the same lines, but the energy has left me. I guess this is part of the aging process. At some point I will have to supplement my income and I need to get established if possible with a line of things to sell. Wishful thinking on my part. Hopeful thinking is still in the forefront though.

Goals are still the main thing. Today is a day when I want to meet my goal. A simple one is to pick up a small mess and move onto bigger and better things. Sun is out and it is suppose to be warmer. Then the dreaded word of snow is back in the weather forecast. Chris  ps. Teresa I wish I had your organizational skills.

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