Friday, February 27, 2015

Have sewn one seam all day

I don't really have an excuse other there isn't enough time in the day if you have errands and don't feel well.

I sewed a 22 inch seam and needed to get the iron out and instead ran and did my grocery shopping. I went to two stores and went by my mother's to take some fresh asparagus to her. The Kroger's store had it for 99 cents a pound. She loves it.

Laundry is going this late time of the day. Normally it is done before noon. I have chores to do tomorrow also. We are to get between 1-5 inches over two periods of snow during the weekend. Will this Winter ever end?

I don't think there is much we like on TV tonight so maybe we will watch movies. Not feeling like sitting at the machine tonight.

My arthritis is really acting up with the weather coming in. Awful to get old and things start wearing out. I hope I have a few more years of moving around. Chris

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