Saturday, February 21, 2015

Reading blogs

Do we all have cabin fever. Everyone has mentioned bad weather or being sick[ME], falling, getting stuck, water pipe problems.

I have between sneaking in to make more strings reading many blog posts to see if anyone is doing a fantastic new method. So far many of the WIP's I have are the same thing everyone else has. So many are doing EPP ing and also applique. Well I have those in the works also.

I need to find an entire day just to cut again. I need variety to some of my strip pieces in different sizes. The big thing is I need some new rotary blades before I get to involved in that. I have one left and the one on the cuter is showing wear. I probably should buy a new handle also. Mine is almost 20 years old.

In reading these blog posts I'm finding that so many are looking for a new outlet for their craft. Meaning new online quilt shops, New patterns, or a new line of fabric to wow them.

Hope you have your cabin fever all in check. Chris

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