Sunday, February 8, 2015

Did do something but not what I planned on

I know it doesn't look like much, but I deboned or cut up 5 shirts last night and have two more to do. They will go into my scrap bins when I get in there to do some more cutting. 

Yesterday a lot of texting between my son and myself. He is in the process of buying another house and I am going to own it. He owns a business besides being a fireman. The business has risks with it so to protect his family incase of a lawsuit and other issues we decided to put the house in my name. 

So yesterday we were making an offer and they emailed me the contract. Well several months ago I bought a new scanner printer and wasn't real sure how to use it. I need to make a PDF file to send it all back.  Took me two tries, but finally got the job done. So hopefully a price can be agreed upon and the repairs and cosmetic things can be addressed. Some upgrades have happened, but you always want to make it your own. 

I need to go and buy a new expandable file folder to hold all the contracts and legal papers on the house. Which reminds me I need a receipt book also. Since I will pay the taxes and the insurance on the house. Always more paperwork. 

So the next few days will be on edge to make sure we get this house bought. 

Today need to go see my Mother. She had a down day yesterday and she decided to drive for the first time. She did fine, but was sore when she got back. Three weeks with out driving and surgery make for a different set of muscles being used. 

Well two more shirts need cutting up so that is where I start today. Then I have to get the vacuum out because of all the loose threads. Chris

Update: I was a good girl and got the shirts cut up. So now onto the mess in the door way of the sewing room. crw

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