Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Think positive

That is what I'm telling myself today. Nothing serious is going on just a lot of little things happening. Sometimes the little thing pile up and make for a rough time.

Today is venturing to the store and picking up a few things for my mother. Then spend some time with her. The weather hasn't been to nice so decided today was the day to help with laundry and also to just visit.

She is doing better. She is cooking and also doing things she was doing before surgery, The vacuum isn't running, but everything else is happening.

Today will be my catch up day here also. Need to get some cleaning done also. Amazing how the dust shows up around here.

The sewing is on the back burner for now. I did receive a couple quilting magazines in the mail and I looked at them and thought I would like to get in there and do something, but the phone rings or something else comes up like shoveling snow.  Today more snow for us. Not a lot, but enough to make sure you want it cleaned off.

I have noticed several of my favorite bloggers are not blogging anymore. Makes you wonder if they are sick or life's experiences have gotten in the way. I know all of the other social media platforms are out there and some are moving away from blogging.

Stay warm and be safe. Chris

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