Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Strings this morning

I grabbed this ruler. Need to find my 6 inch square ruler, but I am squaring up all the string blocks after pressing them .

They are all different which is the way I planned it. I use same fabrics, but I do mix them in with different fabrics to make it really scrappy.  

Here is another stack that need to be squared up. I grab what ever is in the tub and trim them to the length and keep stitching. This is the power sewing I like to do when I am watching/listening to a movie on Netflix. Today was Foyle's War.

Here is the trimmed up stack and they look so neat all trimmed up. I them pull off the paper while watching TV in the living room with my husband at night. I got 24 of these squares sewn this morning. I have 16 trimmed and need to get the rest trimmed later today.

As you can see no boundaries as far as color. I have some of every color in the tub. Might get a little low on some colors. I need to dig for some yellows and bright reds to add to the mix. I have another tub cut and waiting. These are 1 inch strips that are cut off of bigger scraps to use up the last inch of the fabric. 

As you can see the small piece ready to be sewn on the top of the picture. This was a leftover piece that I cut a longer strip off of and this was the leftover. They sure come in handy when finishing up the squares. Never throw anything away. 

Warmer today, but we maybe will get some snow showers today. Hope you are warm and safe. Chris

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