Monday, February 9, 2015


Have been up for over an hour. It is now 5:39 am. So why am I up? Well couldn't lay in bed any longer. I went to bed early last night frustrated over a couple phone calls and the drama was to much for me.  The stress is behind me now so onwards I go.

Suppose to rain and snow mix today so we will see how much we get.
I did get some cleaning done yesterday and that felt good to gt that done. It had been bothering me. Should check into cooking something worth while for dinner tonight. Oh wait a minute made a pot roast last night with all the fixings. Maybe hamburgers tonight and some potato salad. Sounds good to me for a change.

We got a seed catalog yesterday and they had a good offer so we took advantage of it. We ordered some unusual plants for the garden and they can be divided after a couple years so that is nice. When you get 50% off it makes it more affordable.

Doing to get ready for the day and see whee it takes me. No plans that are set in concrete at this point. Planning on letting the day flow by as it will. Less stress that way. Chris

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