Friday, November 20, 2015

2 hours of sewing this morning

2 hours of early morning sewing and lots of corners were applied to this stack of denim squares. I just kept sewing. Finally I ran out of bobbin thread so stopped. 

I did the squares on the corners and trimmed them down to 1 /4 inch seam allowance. Finger press and move onto the next side. 

Now all the pressing has to happen. Then I can add all the 4-patches. At this point not sure how many blocks will be completed. I have a whole tub left of jean legs so I can sew for a long time before I run out. I watched a couple TV shows I couldn't stay awake to watch last night. 

Yesterday in the area my son lives in there was a five alarm fire yesterday with all the wind. He was on the scene for 11 hours and 25 small town fire departments were called to the scene. They came from as far as 75 miles away.  

On a rural fire water has to be trucked in and so a steady stream of tank trucks were on the road. Hay bails caught fire out in the farm yard and it spread to the biggest barn. There were livestock involved. The farmer has his house and a couple tractors left. The wind was gusting to 45 mph and there was no control on getting this fire to stop. 

So last night I kept waiting for the phone to ring and it didn't until just after 2 am. He finally called me this morning and said he was wiped out, but he had gone to work. 

Now we are waiting for a huge storm to hit with 7-10 plus inches to start. We were getting the snow plow on the tractor and we moved the mowing deck to the shed. While trying to get it put inside it fell over and hit the top of my left foot. It is swelling yet. I didn't need that to happen, but it did. 

We are ready now just sit and wait. Stay safe. Chris 

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