Sunday, November 8, 2015

Leader and Ender obsession

This is the next step in the 16-patch blocks I cut into diagonal quarters. Excuse the look because they all need pressing really badly. And they need squaring up also. 

This was a piece that was in some of the thrift store purchases, but it works for this scrappy look. These are are all over sized so I can trim to like measurements and have everything come out even. 

Now to the leaders and enders deal. Well I saw a string block which uses a ton of scraps that are different sizes. I believe it was on Teresa Rawson's blog. You take a strip with pieced strings for the diagonal center add a piece of a darker print to each side of it and then make strings in a triangular shape to each side. I will get one done in the next day and see if I can find the tutorial that Teresa.had done showing this block. She made a table runner out of it.

So at some point the leaders never become the enders when I sew. I just keep going and have to finally get back on track. The obsession of stitching a few more pieces together gets in the way of having focus and accomplishing something.

The furniture is all back in place and the worst of the dust has settled. Now I need to go back through and dust and vacuum again to get the rest of it from tracking through. Housework never ends.  Chris

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