Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cold weather sewing

The temp outside when I got up this morning was 4 degrees F. Not very warm at all. Last night I sat with the second tub of two inch strips and cut for about two hours. This part of what I had for variety to start today with.

Pick them up and sew is my motto. No color coordination. If it wasn't the same piece it got sewn together into to patches. Chain stitching was the process.

Pressing took forever. I had lots to press and also a large stack of finished blocks to really give a good press to.

Here is the latest stack of 4-patches all pressed ready to work with. Next thing is some more denim needs to be cut and sized up. 

Here is the look so far. It is colorful and about couch sized. I need some alternate blocks made to fill in the design. 

This is just a different angle. Really this has gone pretty quick other than the cutting of the denim squares. I use the rotary cutter, but cutting the legs apart is the hard part. My hand suffered a couple days because I didn't use large enough scissors to do the job. I have all sized of scissors but was to lazy to get the right pair out. 

I will sew some more and determine if I want to make it any larger. I am sure I will make it more twin sized. My grandson asked for a a different quilt. Stay warm Chris


Julierose said...

I do love this project--you've made a lot of progress on it....hugs, Julierose

Frog Quilter said...

That is going to be one cozy quilt.

sewyouquilt2 said...

this quilt is going to be great. love it! hmmmm now where are those too tight jeans of mine????? LOL you didnt think I was going to give up my Thanksgiving piece of pie did you?