Thursday, November 5, 2015

Still not happy

As the day went on yesterday more bad news came out as the phone calls came to the installer. We were shorted carpet.

The installer said he got a call and was afraid to tell me, but the last room to be installed was 7 inches short of enough fabric when it came from the manufacturer. So they had to rush order another piece and it will be installed when it gets here.

I so wanted to be done with this and now we have yo wait longer. They are coming back today to do the master bedroom and one of the other two bedrooms.

I guess this is an an ongoing problem with the warehouses to cut the length of fabric and short pieces. First it was a strike with warehouse workers and administration people were cutting fabric and they supposedly didn't know how to measure. Now they have no idea what is happening. We have had enough issues and we don't think we will go back to this store for more headaches.

The sad part is the rest of the area carpet store are facing the same issues. Also the older installers are retiring and no one younger installers coming up to learn the business.

We are so wanting to get out house back in order. Hopefully today it will get closer to being done. Chris

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