Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gray Gloomy and that is the way it is.

I picked up stuff that was laying around. Did a load of laundry. Did dishes and other than that knitted some more off and on today.

Last night and some of the time this morning I looked online at Pinterest at ideas for 4-patches. I printed off a couple ideas and had to change the ink in my printer. It is the most difficult contraption to change the cartridges in, but it is done.

Today we found out all the paperwork over my son's house has been filed with the court. It has taken over 6 years to resolve this mess. So glad it is over with.

My oldest Granddaughter just told me she got to spend time with her other grandparents today. That is so good to hear because they didn't get to do that with them living so far away.

So today has been a good day even though I haven't done a whole lot. I did find out the other room full of carpet is going to get installed the day after Thanksgiving. So I have time to get the clean up done and a goal is set to accomplish it now.

I am having our Thanksgiving on Sunday after the holiday. To many places for everyone to go to. We will have ham instead of turkey.

Some areas of the country are experiencing bad weather.. I hope you are safe. We just have a lot of rain coming down. Chris

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