Saturday, November 7, 2015

working off and on using up scraps

Off and on for a couple days I have been stitching smaller pieces together for some small crazy/crumb blocks. This is from a tub my Mother had scraps in and I wanted to clear it out. But did you know scraps make more scraps???? I have been adding some more pieces to it for variety.

These are the same block just different angle. I am trying to get an idea for a sashing for the blocks when they are squared up. I have tossed dark blue, medium gray and dark brown and black around. Not sure which it will be.

I got all the furniture cleaned and back into it's space today. That was a good feeling. I still have the oil lamps to clean. I just hate that job. They are out in them open and they get so dusty. I wish I had someplace inside for them like a cabinet where they could be seen.

Ham and eggs for supper tonight. I wanted an easy supper, but we don't mind breakfast for supper once in awhile.

The weather has sure cooled off and the temps are going down fast. We had a hard frost this morning. All the roofs were really white and windshields needed scraping to be able to see. The sun came up and in about 45 minutes it was all gone again. Well off to the garage to see what my husband is doing. Chris


sewyouquilt2 said...

been cold here too. not ready yet for winter.
love your crumbs. I have one that has been going for many years now. I sew up some crumbs then cut into 8 inch blocks. not sure yet how I want to set mine. have toyed with being center of star, just using cornerstones, using them as a many ideas not enough time. LOL

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I have been playing with my scraps, too. I made one quilt out of crumbs. Now I am trying to kill the string bucket. Mindless sewing is relaxing to me.