Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sewing but am I getting anywhere???

Sewing 4-patches together. Do I have a plan? No plan. I had two tubs of 2.5 inch squares cut and no plans. I wanted the tubs cleared out to cut some more. I have tons to cut and limited on the tubs. 

With 2 1/2 hours sewing I made and pressed 80 blocks. I have some more pieced in sections to press and make 20 more. The bobbin ran out so I decided to stop and move onto something else. Do I know what I am doing? Well yesterday and today have been and achy day for me. Migraine first thing this morning. Winds are gusting to 55 mph so they say. Good weather to not feel great. 

In-between pressing sections of the 4-patches I grabbed a stack of the centers for the string blocks I showed you the other day. I got them all pressed. I have 27 of those sewn and pressed and ready to move on with. That is a lot of small pieces to stitch together.  

I also pressed the 16-patch cut diagonally and then in a square blocks. Long name. I have 37 of those pressed and stitched this far. I still need to square up this last round of the sewing process.

So lots of sewing, but nothing finished. These are all things that have been laying here in different stages of being done or filling up space I need to free up.

Yesterday I got a new dishwasher installed by my husband, but what a hassle. The fittings on the dishwasher from the box didn't work with our plumbing. After a trip to the hardware store and multiple attempts all the leaks are stopped and it is in place ready to use. He was getting sop frustrated with the job. He said he would never replace another one.

We had lots of wind last night and today it is suppose to be really windy. I think  other than a post office run I am staying home and get something done.

My Grandson called already this morning and wanted me to purchase cookie dough for a fund raiser for school. Then he tells me his Dad is coming today to get the snow blower we are giving him and a dresser for Taylor. Grandpa will be glad to get the freed up space in the garage.

Hope you have a safe and productive day. Chris

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