Monday, November 16, 2015


I went to a rummage sale this last summer late and found a lot of odds and ends of yarn. It was cheap. I have knitted three scarves out of it and can do several more.

This is for Kate it will be her first outside Winter. She was just a little baby last Winter. 

The pink one is yarn from the rummage sale and the white is yarn that was given to me. Always need a scarf so I thought use my time being productive since Winter is on it's way.

All of the hinges and handles are in place. My husband struggled getting them rehung so they were even which they weren't when we bought the house. I really like the look over the shiny gold that were here. Now onto picking wall colors to paint. We need to paint every room in the house/ That is a job I really like when it is done, but hate while it is going on. 

Rain is coming for the next 3 days. Denver is under a blizzard warning. I am glad we are only getting rain so far. Chris

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