Sunday, November 1, 2015

busy day

November 1, 2015 where has the Summer gone let alone the year???? I made 4 -patches yesterday for the denim brick and 4-patch quilt top. I opened the tub for the 4-patches and started to sew. 

Then I pieced the 4-patches together and now I need to dig out the denim and get the remainder of the bricks cut and all sewn into a top.  

On to a bunch of 2 in. square patches that are cute colors. I started to stitch them together to make a top for the little ones. This isn't even half of them chained stitched together.. Lots of pressing and stitching remaining on this pile.  

Halloween and the kids came to visit. It is safer to Trick or Treat where we live so they come here. Autumn was a cow and Kate was a duck. So they brought along the John Deere tractor to ride while out having fun. Their other Grandpa was a John Deere salesman for over 30 years so it all make sense. 

The costumes were found at a Goodwill store and they had a blast. Kate figured out if you pounded on the door someone would come to give you goodies. They were so tired and yet they had a lot of fun. The tractor died just 30 feet from our drive so that wasn't to bad and they didn't have to be carried. 

Now the count down. Today and tomorrow we have to move the small stuff in the house. Getting ready for carpet. Chris

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