Friday, October 30, 2015

Getting closer to carpet day

Trying to keep my hands busy even though I am not sitting at the machine. The 1/2 inch hexies came back out. I had cut strips of 1.5 inches last week when I started cutting fabric up. They are the perfect size for the 1/2 inch hexies I make.  

As you can see lot of color in this bucket. I helps to have these precut for the color choices. I can keep my hands working for several hours and not have to go searching for pieces to coordinate. There are times i maybe don't have enough for all the hexies it takes for the large star shapes. The good thing is If I look in some of my other tubs and can find some of the same fabric. 

Today is going to be put on hold for a couple hours. It is zero visibility outside. Yes fog and very thick fog. I wanted to get up and get going. I think
I can wait until it is clearer to get on the highway and do my running today. 
have a great day. Chris

Oh ya, have to start moving small stuff this weekend and also Halloween for the little one is happening here to.

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