Friday, October 23, 2015

Making slow changes

I had a long stern talk with myself yesterday while cleaning a bathroom. I was in the house by myself and thought why am
I not cutting this fabric up. I can't use it in the yardage stage to much advantage. So while watching two shows last night which is 2 hours long I cut fabric.

I pulled out 4 stacks of fabric that needed cutting. Or in my estimation it did. I cut most of it into sizes I use most of the time for. 2 1/2, 1 1/2, 2, 2.875 and 3.875 and 1 inch strips. I use the odd sizes for HST's. The stack had a few left overs and a couple pieces that needed really pressed good before they could be cut.

So for the next couple days I will be cutting fabric as I watch TV in the evening.  Some of this stuff was sitting on a table waiting to be cut anyway. Then the chaos happened in the sewing room. It is still torn up, but I need to start someplace.

Today more cleaning needs to take place in the living part of the house. I need to make a run to the dumpsters to get rid of things I am eliminating also. Now is the time while the urge strikes to get this done. I have about 10 days to get the bulk of this work done.

Yesterday my Granddaughter was able to come visit for awhile by herself. Seemed so nice to be able to talk to her and see how she is handling this drastic change in her life. She is so down to earth an mature for her age. She was forced to grow up way to early to protect her brother and now she is an old sage at a young age of 16.

I plan on doing somethings indoors first thing this morning then? I need to go out and cut some more of the plants off. Jeff has been building new shed doors. They are made of wood and they rot easily. So we every few years make new doors for the shed.

So the plan is to cut this morning early and clean up the mess then do some house cleaning to get the living area of the house more presentable and then the yard. And more cutting this evening.  Sounds like a plan and we will see if it gets done. Chris

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