Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This is the layout so far

These are all the same blocks they are just turned to make the different look. I got up and sewed together the extra bricks I had cut out of the denim. I have enough denim to make many more. I think one block wider and one row longer and it will be a good size couch quilt which is what I intended. 

This is just pieces of scraps I cut up and made 4-patches out of  and old jeans that were gifted to me. I cut the legs up and made them into the bricks. I think even though there is pink pieces in them it looks masculine. This idea would make a neat recliner quilt, couch quilt or a lap robe for a wheel chair. I think a chambray or bandanna print on the back would make it interesting also. Another thought would be flannel. 

This is using up things that are laying around taking up space for me. I plan on using a polyester batting to make it lighter weight because of the weight of the denim. Or you could just back it with flannel and no batting because of weight. 

Today it is suppose to rain so we are pretty much staying in and hoping to get some more sorted through. Still taking large amounts of junk to the garbage. Amazing what we think we have to keep and now it isn't important. 

I learned a lesson from my Mom. Get rid of the excess baggage and it will be less for your family to deal with if you pass away. She had been doing that for several years and she made it so much easier on us trying to get rid of the unimportant things. 

Hope you have a great day. Chris 

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