Thursday, October 22, 2015

Imagine this

I got to sleep last night and didn't wake up for almost 6 hours. Very strange even for me. I was exhausted from having the girls overnight and Katie was having some kind of stomach bug. So she wanted Grandma's attention most of the time. Also the realization that the big worry over my Grandkids was over.

Had to stop a minute and clean my glasses they were so smeared. It looked like little finger prints on them. Imagine that.

I think I mentioned that I ordered a new office chair. Well it came and got assembled yesterday. I sat in it once. To much was going on. My Grandson wanted it for a gaming chair and I said no. So today if all goes well I want to make a small hole in that mess to get my sewing machine usable again until all this work gets completed.

Carpet will come first. That is over November 3rd and 4th. That will be a major mess for sure. Then a couple weeks later the windows will be started. Then after that over the Winter we will paint rooms. Tearing them up again. But when complete it will be done for awhile.

We still have outside work today and I think today the bulk of that will get done. I will start on the back side of the garage and cut off plants. Then move to the side and back side of the house. We have tomatoes that need pulling, They didn't taste like anything this year. Then hopefully after the leaves fall from the trees we can pay attention to the house.

After the carpet is replaced we need to clean the furnace good and clean filters. That always stirs up major dust when doing that. Our house was a model and it just had a lot of traffic through it from the beginning. No amount of extra cleaning kept up with the dust.

I am sure I can find many things to do and it will be a long list before it is all complete. My goal is have the living room back in shape before Christmas with new paint and carpet and windows. The other rooms will follow. Chris

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