Sunday, October 11, 2015

Looking in two tubs

Well I started on sizing up what was in the tubs I brought from my mother's house. I wanted to see if anything was close enough to finishing. Well no it isn't. Not so far anyway. I thought this was all just strips and I thought oh good I can use these in my Pineapple blocks. Well guess what there is a modified log cabin block inside the tub. 

Here is a block that needs pressing. Not sure how far she intended to go with these. She normally made crib quilt size quilts. She gave them to the Linus Project. 

This is the second tub. It is 30's and 40's prints. Well after further investigation it is a bag with blocks and fabrics. 
These are the blocks. She had several of them made. 

Here is another one of the many that are done to this point. 

The pattern for them is in this tub also. This is nice because I can see what her intentions were. A summer looking quilt.

It is in the Dec 2005 magazine. So I think this will be started after Christmas gifts are finished. I plan on not making a lot of things for Christmas, but just a few. This would be nice with a light weight quilt batting and simple quilting. 

This is a beginning of my journey into seeing what my Mother was doing with some of this fabric she would buy. 

I cleaned a lot this morning and got more of my house in order. I took a nap and still want to get myself better organized soon. So order in my life needs to happen. Chaos has been the norm and it is not fun all the time. Chris 

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