Saturday, October 3, 2015


I finally forced myself to sit down at a machine this morning. I think I sewed for about an hour. Unfortunately this quilt blocks made during a stressful time and not perfect. I guess I need to slow down and have less stress. Not sure that will happen. 

This will be a couch quilt so after it is washed it will shrink some and maybe not be so obvious. I still have more straightening to really get organized and ready to go to town. I had this started when Mom was sick in bed and I could sew for 15 minutes here and there. 

The temps have been cool enough to draw up an extra quilt at times overnight. So I really need to get this done and bound. I have a quilt top to add another row onto it. It is for A Big bed for a little girl, but they had the extra bed and decided to set it up for her.

Going to get my day started here soon. Still waiting on the roofing guy. He contacted me yesterday, but he was delayed. Chris   

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