Friday, October 9, 2015


This is a repurposed cabinet. A few years ago my husband made it for the TV and stereo components. We bought a different cabinet to fit the flat screen TV we bought about a month ago. He didn't know what he was going to do with it. 

I am making it into a storage and ironing station in the sewing room. I have cubbies to place tubs of scraps for easy access. Perfect for ironing.  

In sorting I found this pineapple block. This is on Crazy Mom Sews blog. She breaks it down into a very easy to follow tutorial. I made one to see how it went together. I did this months ago and decided it was a definite scrap user. 

I started the second one and never got back to it. Life got in the way. This is high on my working in between blocks. I need to check to see if IO have lots of the right sized strips made so when I cut scraps I add to the mix to make them interesting. 

Today is cooking day. The Grandkids are coming tomorrow to have Beef and Noodles for supper. I need to cook the meat today and then less to do tomorrow. I will be making homemade noodles for this meal. Some of the kids don't care for the homemade noodles So I bought the wide noodles for them. 

I need to be distracted with busy work today so I think the Netflix will be turned on and go to the sewing room to make a dent in that mess. My Granddaughter is coming and she will be horrified if I have touched it. She is an organize freak. 

I think today will be therapeutic for me. They are talking about rain off and on so we will see how far we get. Have a good one. Chris  


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Organization is good but it is a workroom, not a showroom so your granddaughter needs to know the difference. I hope you get some sewing time before your family time starts tomorrow.

Katie M. said...

love the idea of an 'ironing' station. Having storage right there will help with organization.