Thursday, October 15, 2015

This crud has wiped me out

The two little ones started daycare and now they are sick. Mom and Dad and the three older kids all got sick too. Well Grandpa and I got the cold part of it. The rest got the stomach crap. Glad I didn't get that.  The cold is bad enough.

I planned on working in the sewing room, well that didn't happen. The furnace in the garage went out and it is old enough we went and bought a newer kind. So that meant two trips to get all the right parts to hook it up.

We had the new roof put on and the ridge cap pieces blew off. We think they were extra ones because they don't have any nail holes in them. So the roofer is on his way to check them out. We have a good wind going on right now. So anything extra is blowing off the house.

I really need to find out if I can stay home tomorrow and get to the task at hand for me.

Oh yah, I ordered a new office chair for myself for my sewing machine. It has several settings to make it more comfortable for extended sit downs. I thought I deserved it. Any arguments are not going to be heard. We went and looked at them and didn't find one we like so I got to pick it out and order one.

Going to get somethings picked up and sorted through tonight. Chris

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