Thursday, October 1, 2015

Making some headway in this mess

Table top is visible. I have sorted mail. Thrown what isn't needed and saved things I need to pay or reply to. I think I have every agency called or visited and today I took all the things to be packed and shipped. I haven't heard back from them to know if they have a price for me. There was a lot to send off. 

This was on the extra bedroom bed at my Mother's. I washed it and now have it over the back of the couch. It isn't quite big enough for a queen size bed. It was in a Southern facing room and is somewhat faded. So I thought might as well use it and not just store it. It is a shame it got sun faded, but those things happen. I think tomorrow I have my granddaughters again so we are going to try and do some new things. 

I would like to take them for some shopping. Katelyn has a birthday in a few days and she is in need of some new shoes. She is going to start Daycare and she needs to find some shoes that fit her fat little feet. 

Kids grow so fast and they need things to fit them. So Grandma will go shopping and find her shoes. On to another pile of stuff. Getting back to normal slowly. Chris 

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