Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Dishes

 I have had the same dishes for almost 18 years. They are fading from putting in the dishwasher and a few have broken. When I have my kids home I have to get a second set out to have enough. Well this way it is all one pattern.
 We are getting a new roof put on and we have one skylight. They took the old one out and this is the new one in place in the extra bathroom. We still have to trim it out, but what a difference this makes. The old one was some form of plastic and it was scared up and was hazy looking. This is clear glass and you can actually see out.
My pictures got out of order here. I haven't taken them all out of the boxes yet, but that will happen today and the old ones will be given to charity. They were 40% off at the shop I went to. I got a couple serving dishes to use with them. Two vegetable bowls and a serving platter. Service for 16. 

I didn't do any stitching yesterday, but I have slowly working on getting some of this stitched. I need to stop and wind bobbins for this quilt. 

With doing the roof and me being the gopher for the contractor he is a friend of ours. I haven't had time to sew. I do pick up and also I started cutting back plants in the flower beds. One bed is all cleaned up and 8 more to go. Fall is in the air. 

Hopefully today the roof is done and things will get back to normal. We need to clean inside. A birthday party Saturday evening for my Baby. She is a year old today. 

Yesterday she went for a check up. Mind you she is a child of few words so far. Everyone talks for her. The Dr. Asked if she could check her ears and she shook her head no and said the word no. She has only said one other time to me. The Dr. said she is going to be a character which we all know. 

The older kids will be home so it will be fun for the little ones to see their siblings. Chris

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like your new dishes. It is amazing how one new thing like that will brighten your day each time you see them. I hope your roof gets done soon too.