Tuesday, October 13, 2015

No pictures you just got me.....

I am trying to get the kinks out of this tired old body. I usually sit up for about 2 hours and drink coffee and try and work the aches and pains out.

I can't say I am not getting rest because I am, but when you lay there for a period of time to rest it hurts more. I have a new mattress so can't blame that. Every joint in my shoulders hips and knees and ankles hurts.

I had this problem when I worked. The job I ad was so hard on my body and now I am paying the price for the abuse. At the time you just trudge on because you need a paycheck. I was in good shape then and I kept really active outside of work. Now not in as good of shape and it takes its tole on this old lady.

We didn't go any yesterday other than to the carpet store. We have wanted carpet for ever. The carpet that was in the house when we bought it wasn't of the best quality. We have lived with it just because it covered the floor and we couldn't afford it. This will have to be the last time we replace carpeting. So we picked out a better not most expensive carpet, but a good pad.

The salesman is coming this morning to measure and we will order it to come and be installed hopefully in the next couple weeks. Well as soon as they can work us in. The friend of ours that did our last carpet job doesn't do carpet anymore. He is close to our age and tugging and wrestling those big pieces has taken it's tole on his back and shoulders too.

One other major job needs doing and that is window replacement. I know wow she is spending a lot of money. Well I am and it makes me nervous, but these are things that will be long term purchases. When you own a house you have to reinvest to keep it sound. Also the Windows will make it more efficient to heat. Not that I complain about fuel prices for this house. Anything to make it better.

I have to go to the Post Office today and other than that nothing is that pressing I can't just come home. I will have to clean out the extra bedroom so that it is easy to get into with the carpet coming. Oh yes, the sewing room is getting a lamanent tile floor put in it. No carpet in there. Chris    


Katie M. said...

Chris, aging is definitely not for sissies! My internal organs seem to work just the way they should, but OMG my tired, overused joints scream like crazy... As for home improvement - Our home was built in 1953 and we've slowly replaced all the windows to double panes - well worth the investment! New doors, new plumbing, upgraded the electric, recently just added the steel roof... each time we've done something we've heard the "why put that kind of money in an old house?" and our answer - because it's paid for and a whole lot sturdier than the houses being built today! And like you, our improvements will last us the rest of our lives. I have carpet in my sewing and quilting rooms and would love to take it out and lay ceramic tile.... Maybe someday.... but for now not a priority...

barbara woods said...

i am paying for walking 12 hours on a cement floor carrying heavy loads so i feel your pain