Sunday, October 18, 2015

Little here and there

Doesn't look like much now, but this is a lot of small pieces sewn together. I would sit for maybe an hour or so and just piece these together.

These will be squares up and made into a couch sized quilt. I have these 15 and three more almost completed. I thought 20 would work. The next thing is find the black fabric in my Mother's tubs and make the sashing.

As I get to this next part of the assemble I will show you what I plan on doing. There will be a scrappy border added to the sashed pieces. I plan on working on and off today to get the rest of the 20 blocks complete.

In the process of using up this tub of small pieces I am finding a lot of potential pieces maybe I over looked to add to my strips I have cut. As someone said the more you sew these the more scraps appear.

Besides doing some outside work today I need to get this room more sorted through. I have started, but this crud I have had hasn't made it a pleasant thing to work through. I am getting better, but it is sure hanging on.

Getting back to these pieces. I maybe will add another strip to a couple of the smaller ones to make the block bigger when squared up. Get the maximum  size with what I have sewn.

My mind is back to working on overload with all the possibilities with this fabric added to my stash. My Mother steered towards the crayon colors. The more true colors while I like the aged look to fabric. So introducing them to the mix will make a different look.

I do have a completely full wash pan of Batiks in there. She bought fat quarters and just collected them. Some are very busy and others are more subtle in their looks. Need to lay them out and figure out what I have. For almost three years every time we went fabric shopping she would buy a hand full of them.

Today is a mixed up day. No real plans just if the mood strikes take advantage of it. Chris

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Sewing Junkie said...

Got all the fabric tubs in the house. Feels good to get that much done. Also made 24 blocks so it will be bigger than a couch quilt. Chris