Saturday, October 10, 2015

making fabric

I have been sewing to get my mojo back using up small scraps. Some call it making fabric. some call it crazy blocks others call it crumb sewing. As I cut scraps into usable sizes I have all these left overs. I always thought good applique pieces, but how many pieces can one person save????

As you can see they are odd sizes and shapes. They can be cut to make similar sizes for sewing together. A lot of the time I just lay them together and start sewing. I finger press until I can't get them to lay flat then use the iron to make them summit to the iron. This is the amount I have made in two mornings of sewing for about an hour each day.

They need to be squared up to like sizes and then I can add sashing or quilt each as a single block and add sashing strips to join them together. I like to use the decorative stitches on the sewing machine to quilt them. With a black sashing I think the thread will be black to stand out. 

No it isn't finishing anything, but I am getting back into the mood by doing some stitching. I am also getting a tub of scraps used up. Well they will have to be 200 blocks before that is all used up. 

I need to measure the smallest one and get a common size. Then size them all the same. Some times the cut off pieces can be parts of another block if they are of any size. 

It feels good to get back at machine work. Yesterday we did a lot of purging and moving of more furniture. I got rid of old VCR tapes I had recorded of TV shows and also found puzzles and books geared more for Autumn's age group to use when she comes. She likes to be read to.

I went yesterday and bought myself a new toy. No not a machine. A new stove. My oven hasn't been right for a long time and this one was on sale and a rebate and free delivery and they take the old one. Win Win in my book. It has 5 burners and also a griddle for the top burner. I had better get my husband up because the delivery is between 7-12 noon today and it is almost 7 am now. Have a good day. Chris    


Katie M. said...

great use of time and fabric - I like to use the 'made' fabric for actual units of block. I love seeing Flying Geese used with the scrap made fabric.
and congrats on the new stove. When you cook as much as you do - you need the right equipment!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have 5 burners on my 10 year old stove too and thought it unlikely that I would use the little 5th spot. Much to my surprise I have used it more than I thought I would.

sewyouquilt2 said...

congrats on sewing! using up scraps like that is fun. I keep a small container of them nearby for those "I'm in the mood to sew but don't know what I want to work on" times. I have a stack of I think 8 inch blocks going that way. also use them as leaders and enders and I have made zippy bags with the made fabric. fun fun enjoy your new toy! nice having a stove that works good