Thursday, October 29, 2015

2 1/2 hours of cutting and stitching and pressing

This is 40 of the 16-patches cut and resewn. They stack up in a hurry.

I still have 30 more 16-patches to cut. I did cut 10 more so that is 50 of the 16 -patches cut and all finished to this stage. I still have 20 more to work on, but I have other chores to accomplish today.

This is 100 of the cut and restructured pieces. The next step after completing the last 20 is to decide the rest of the appearance of these blocks. The neat thing about this block is any size square you start with will work. They can be 2 inch squares as I had or much larger pieces. Well maybe even smaller. This is use what you have cut. You can make these 16-patch blocks as leaders and enders or just do strip piecing and cut the segments. Make the 16-patches they way you like to make them. This is a scrap buster quilt. At the end of the day I will have some made with the triangles on the edges of these blocks. Stay tuned. Chris

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