Monday, October 12, 2015

Did a little sewing

To begin with I needed to wind bobbins and the machine I have been quilting on the bobbin winder is shot. So I used the little bobbin winder and didn't get good results. I had to back track and rip out. so I guess I need to get the old black machine out and wind bobbins on it. They are the same size bobbins and I get much better results.

Today is a Holiday and no bank or Post Office so those things are on hold. I cleaned well yesterday so maybe an outside day. Jeff has a job he needs to do and I guess I will just get the trimmers out and go to town. Also the yard can be mowed so I think as soon as it is dry enough to go out I will.

We have Pines in our adjoining yard with the neighbor and the Pine Needles are everywhere. If you don't get them mulched up they can kill the grass off when they become meshed in the standing grass. Every year we have to mow over them several times to keep up with them.

I am now going to get something out for supper and try and be creative with it. Tired of the same old meals. Have a Good one Chris

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