Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ok today is here.... Now what

This is an attitude thing with me. I need a swift kick in the behind to get motivated. I haven't done any sewing, cleaning or yard work worth while for months.

I sit here and my mind says get this done and do this. Well it is easier to sit and not get going. Yesterday I did clean out the old dishes washed all the new ones and then I Wiped out cabinets the new ones were placed in. I got two boxes of dishes to donate. But the boxes are sitting on the floor in the kitchen.

We are going to have birthday dinner for the baby on Saturday. So I need to get the tables cleaned off and the kitchen cleaned to be ready.

We are stuck at home because of the dumpster being picked up and excess roofing materials being picked up. There is to much to place it in my car for a return.

That is fine I have plenty to do here. We also can mow the yard. Jeff got a couple potted plants dug into the flower beds. Slowly we are getting ready for Fall to hit us. We are expecting a warm up over the next couple days so now is the time to get some more of the yard work done. I hate going out with two layers of clothing on to cut back flower beds.

The sun isn't up yet so hopefully I can get motivated here soon. Chris

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Katie M. said...

Chris, you've had a pretty full plate lately, give yourself time to settle and things will start getting back to a normal state.