Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Behind the scenes

Things are progressing, but had a set back yesterday. nothing bad. I had to go undo some of the work in the sewing room. The contractor had to get access to the window. Well there was a small table set in front of it piled with must sort piles.

Now those pile are on the cleaned off spots I had made progress with. Frustrating. He had to measure the windows to get them ordered. Replacement windows are tricky and they need good measurements to be placed right.

We had a house full last night. The contractor his significant other and their son. My son his wife and the little girls. The guys went to a sale of a retiring contractor and bought tools and materials to redo my son's garage roof. It was next to nothing prices and it was a good sale.

We ordered pizza and had a good time. The kids all played and then it was peace and quiet. Jeff was so tired he fell asleep in the chair.

So today I need to run the vac and get all the crumbs up with three toddles running around there was a lot of crumbs and then the post office and the bank and grocery store. Maybe clear a sewing machine off so I can find a few minutes here and there to get the project farther along. I made some good progress yesterday and then got distracted.

Hopefully I can share my quilt top later today. Chris

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