Sunday, October 11, 2015

Yesterday I was on a mission

Yesterday was a busy day for me. I wanted to accomplish something here at home and ended up doing it and also running to the hardware store twice. The kitchen table and surrounding area got cleared up. I got rid of a tall hamper full of sheets to my daughter-in-law. With kids in the house she needed extra pillowcases and bed sheets.  

Then I tackled the dining room table. With everyone coming to eat last night I had to clear it off. This is what was left after they left last night. A coloring book and some puzzles that they hadn't seen for awhile.  In cleaning out a cabinet that we had I found several books that they weren't ready for and also some games. so now it is new all over again. 

My mom did that when were kids she would get out a certain amount of toys and after a couple months she would put those away and get something else out to play with. That way we thought we had new toys, but we didn't. Story books were the same way. 

Today I need to get some cleaning done now that I can see the corners. The house has been in such uproar for so long and finally getting settled into a somewhat normal appearance. It feels much better to be able to do some normal things. 

The beef and noodles went over very big and they all got filled up. I sent the leftovers home with them so they have lunch today. 

They have a busy day there also. They bought two new outside doors for their house last night and also they bought some replacement windows for a porch. When you own an old house you end up having to replace things every so often. So they got a couple real good deals on things for the house. 

Their community has had more break ins and looking doors is more important. So they needed more secure doors and locks. Now they will have them. They have a good friend who did our roof that will help them get installed. 

Well off to start laundry and get some cleaning done. Maybe I can do some sewing later today. Chris  


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I know how good that feels to send off things you no longer need to someone else. Makes more room in your house.

sewyouquilt2 said...

must be the time of year. I too am in a cleaning purging mood. went through the closet and got a trash bag to donate.
some quilting books are ready to donate too.
gotta keep going while I am in the mood to purge
love your table mats. I too am a scrappy gal.